Gary Whittington

Gary Whittington is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) with the Arizona State Board of Massage Therapy, and has a Master of Cranial Release Technique (mCRT) from the Cranial Release Technique, Inc., training institute in New York.

Originally from Maryland, Gary has been practicing massage techniques since 1994. He completed 18 months and 1,100 hours of education to earn his massage therapy license (LMT). He then worked at a fibromyalgia clinic from 1995 to 1999 in Washington, D.C., and continued with four more years of post-graduate training in clinical massage.

Gary began his studies in The John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach® (MFR) in 1998, attending numerous clinics around the country, learning to identify and resolve a variety of ailments through this profound therapy. Afterward, he completed two additional years of MFR courses, including training at the Western Myofascial Release Treatment Center in Sedona, Arizona.

He fell in love with Arizona, and in January 2001, Gary joined Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort in Paradise Valley, Arizona, as one of the original massage therapists. During his 12 years as senior therapist Gary had the privilege of serving many celebrities and executives while employed at the exclusive resort.

In 2013, Gary started his first version of a massage therapy business, The Artist’s Massage, practicing independently as well as with sports, chiropractic and naturopathic doctors throughout Scottsdale and the East Valley. He moved to his current location at Signature Studios in October 2018.

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sculpture, Gary has a passion for the three-dimensional arts of bronze casting and stone carving. He incorporates the movement and flow of art into his massage therapy practice, helping a hurting body’s systems regain their natural energy flow and self-repair.

Gary has commented that his work has come full circle:

   In my younger years, my knowledge and training in art as a sculptor really improved my massage skills. Now I find that after more than 25 years of experience in all kinds of massage techniques, my sculpting abilities and creativity have been positively influenced and enhanced.   

An avid outdoorsman, Gary enjoys hiking, swimming, boating and fishing with his two boys. He has a love for the desert but also the ocean, relishing both environments and vacationing at the ocean when possible. His dream vacation is to explore the French Riviera, the Swiss Alps, and Italy – but not all on one trip! His favorite colors are blue (symbolizing serenity, stability and wisdom) and yellow (signaling joy).

Gary’s philosophy is to lower each client’s stress by solving the underlying problems causing pain and discomfort. He has found that persistent ailments are relieved – from headaches and migraines, to carpal tunnel and plantar fasciitis, to back and neck pain – when imbalances in the body are remedied.

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